“Cory Barnfield’s Out of This World is one of the most original recital discs to come my way and a standout among this year’s crop of solo discs.”  Huntley Dent-Fanfare Magazine.

“One admires Barnfield’s virtuosity and his control of the instrument, but one never loses sight of the deeply felt musicality that underlies every phrase he plays.”  Henry Fogel-Dean Chicago’s College of Performing Arts.

[Cory Barnfield’s] wailing of the saxophone in Pelvin’s A Streetcar Named Desire was a perfect ending to the first Act.
– Courier Journal Louisville, KY.

Cory Barnfield’s playing is at the quality of the best saxophonists in the country today.   His sound is beautiful and has excellent control.  His technical abilities are second to none and some of the most musical playing I have ever heard.

Dale W. Underwood, Selmer Clinician, Saxophone Professor-

I strongly recommend saxophonist Cory Barnfield’s beautiful recording Journey. Cory has a gorgeous tone and dazzling technique with formidable control of his altissimo register. Most importantly, he is highly musical player with a wealth of expressive ideas. His disc boasts an attractive, varied program of engaging works and strong support from pianist Krista Wallace Boaz, clarinetist J.J. Koh and bassoonist Scott Erickson. I am particularly proud that Cory chose to include my Sixth Sense on his recording. He plays the work with personality and panache.

-Gregory W. Yasinitsky, DMA
Director of the School of Music
Washington State University
Regents Professor of Music
WSU Eminent Faculty Award

Cory Barnfield’s sound invites the listener to enjoy the beautiful bond between technical virtuosity and soulful expression. With a distinctive touch, his playing ignites the creative energy in our minds that transforms mere notes on the page into meaning. Working with a talent like Cory has been (and still is) one of those life reminders for why I became a composer in the first place.- Erich Stem (Composer)-

Bravo saxophone your tone is a perfect match with our soprano soloist!
– Joseph Mechavich – guest conductor Louisville Orchestra

Mr. Barnfield’s playing has been described as “having a warm and expressive sound that speaks melodies easily with complete control of the full range of his instrument. There is a unique intimacy to his playing that is a delight to the listener. His fingers are precise, and rapidly allowing the music to flow unimpeded to the listener’s imagination no matter how difficult or easy. His articulation on saxophone is superb.

– Paul Wagner, Saxophone Journal

On my recording of David Maslanka’s Out of This World- 2017

Cory: It’s a stunning performance! Tone matching is the heart of the piece, and your work with Paul York is exquisite. Those no-vibrato octaves: amazing! I feel like I have been given a great gift. This quality of performance lets players know what must be done. Thank you!

David Maslanka-composer